Jamie Stewart, Dean of Business at Dubai Women’s College, comments on DWCHS National Day participation

jamie“I just want to congratulate you, Maya, and the school on your enthusiastic participation in the UAE National Day Celebrations held last week.  The young ladies that attend DWC High School are an impressive group.  They stand a little taller; their voices are a little stronger; they walk with more conviction, and they carry themselves with greater confidence.  They impress me as young ladies who know who they are and where they are going.

 Well done to you and your team for cultivating the type of environment where these young women can flourish.”

 Best Regards,

 Jamie Stewart, Dean of Business at DWC


UAE National Day

The Dubai Women’s College High School celebrated the United Arab Emirates’s 41th National Day by participating in a poetry recital on stage. For me it was terrifying, yet fun! I think it was great to finally get a chance to participate in such an important event! We also had fun listening to Dr. Reed’s inspiring speech, as well as watching a performance by the some college students.

 -Amna Bin Shafi