Mariam and Fatima Masood/ authors, educators, and observers of human behavior

10th grade DWC High School student Amna Bin Shafi interviewed twin sisters Fatima and Mariam Masood, authors and learning coaches at the school.

Recently, I had a little talk with Miss Mariam and Miss Fatima Masood about their book I Know Who You Are!  They both said their inspiration was the observation of human behavior and the arguments around them in life, so they like helping other people with their life problems. In the past they’ve read fiction and mystery stories. They believe that what drives a person to where they are is the positivity, and the book gives you a way of thinking…which is learning from other people’s experiences, not only your own.  You need to value your own self because you came to life alone and you can carry on by yourself.  Whether you laugh or get hurt there is always a lesson…something that leads you to were you belong. Both of the sisters would like to learn from people and teach them what they’ve learned. They thought the hardest part of writing a book is when life had them busy and they couldn’t finish it. They also think that the book needs more proof reading and more pictures. I think the main idea of the book is overcoming your challenges no matter how difficult they are. Remember, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Stay positive!

-Amna Bin Shafi

Dr. Abdulla Al-Karam meets with the management of DWC High School

left to right: Ms. Fatma Al-Marri, Mr. Mohammed Darwish, Dr. Abdulla Al-Karam, Mr. Cody Claver, Ms. Maya Al-Hawary, Ms. Jameela Al-Muhairi, Ms. Amal BelHasa

Last week, Dr. Abdulla Al-Karam met with Ms. Maya Al-Hawary and Mr. Cody Claver, both senior management at DWC High School. Dr. Abdulla Al-Karam leads the team that is responsible for the ongoing improvement of the private education sector. He was a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Education 2010. Prior to KHDA, he was CEO of Dubai Knowledge Village with a remit to diversify the educational landscape in Dubai. Before that, Dr. Al Karam headed the Research Unit at Dubai Internet City and worked as a Software Engineer in the US and France. Dr. Al-Karam has held positions across government, including Vice Chairman of the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Awards for Distinguished Academic Performance, as a Board member of the Dubai Knowledge Fund (DKF), and as the Chair of the Dubai Government’s Human Resources Committee. He holds a PhD in Computing Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

“On behalf of the KHDA team I would like to wish you all the best as you embark on your journey as Academic Head of Dubai Women’s College High School. It was a pleasure to meet you and Cody Claver this morning and to learn more about your plans and your contributions to Dubai’s growth.”

-Dr. Abdulla Al-Karam

Hannah: A DWC High School student profile

Hannah Lee Doran-Hesler had previously studied entirely online, but her mother, Karin, wanted Hannah to get accustomed to the face-to-face instruction and socializing that college will soon bring. At DWCHS, she’s able to take advantage of the blended learning style, as well as to pursue her interest in sports.

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From earlier today: three students…

…who are 10th graders at DWC High School talk about the school’s learning process which combines online and classroom instruction.

DWC High School teacher profile: Georgiana Jennings

Georgiana Jennings teaches ESL and PE at the school. In this clip she talks about her teaching experience and methods.

A blended learning environment

Salma Hussein Qutub had previously studied K12 online courses at home in the U.S. After a recent move to Dubai, she enrolled at the DWC High School. In this interview, Salma and her mother, Naglaa Rizk, discuss the advantages of a learning environment that is a combination of both online and classroom instruction.

First day of classes

Debra Enos, Regional Academic Manager/Dubai for K12, talks about how the process of developing learning skills starts on day one at DWC High School.