discovering practical hajj

by Amna bin Shafi

A private school in Dubai in conjunction with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs invited our school, the Dubai Woman’s College High School, to try doing practical hajj. We had fun socializing with students and doing the practical hajj. I think it’s amazing that we got a chance to learn more about hajj, Islam, and culture!

As a Muslim it was an amazing journey for me. My friend Hannah is a non-Muslim American student. Here’s what she experienced and what she thought…

“Today our school took a trip to another private school in Dubai where we were invited to get the feel of Hajj.  Everybody was happy and excited! As we entered the school we got a warm welcome from the students.  After we had this huge welcome, we walked towards a setup of the Holy Kaabah. We walked around seven times and then we went over to drink Zam Zam water ( I had two cups) after that we went inside the gym which represented Safa’a and marwa’a. We walked around 7 times.  After that we got to use 7  foil balls each which represents pebbles! And we used them to throw which is a ritual of the jamarat. After all was done the school gave us gifts and food and thanked us for coming. It was my first time celebrating this, and it was so amazing to see how other cultures worship. – Hannah”