UAE National Day

The Dubai Women’s College High School celebrated the United Arab Emirates’s 41th National Day by participating in a poetry recital on stage. For me it was terrifying, yet fun! I think it was great to finally get a chance to participate in such an important event! We also had fun listening to Dr. Reed’s inspiring speech, as well as watching a performance by the some college students.

 -Amna Bin Shafi 

Mr. Kamal’s visit

Kamal Bahamdan, Olympic Medal Winner, visits DWC High School

Left to right: Ms.Maya Al-Hawary, DWCHS students Azza, Hessa, Mr. Kamal, students Nora, Hessa, and Mr. Cody Claver

Kamal Bahamdan, the athlete and entrepreneur, visited the Dubai Women’s College High School. It was a great honor to meet and talk to him. Kamal bahamdan is a Saudi show jumping rider. He is the proud Saudi winner of a bronze medal in  jumping at the 2012 London Olympics.  The girls and i have learned from Mister Kamal that in order to be successful you have to achieve your goals. We were so glad we met him and he inspired us to aim on our goals and to be great leaders.

-Amna Bin Shafi

Mariam and Fatima Masood/ authors, educators, and observers of human behavior

10th grade DWC High School student Amna Bin Shafi interviewed twin sisters Fatima and Mariam Masood, authors and learning coaches at the school.

Recently, I had a little talk with Miss Mariam and Miss Fatima Masood about their book I Know Who You Are!  They both said their inspiration was the observation of human behavior and the arguments around them in life, so they like helping other people with their life problems. In the past they’ve read fiction and mystery stories. They believe that what drives a person to where they are is the positivity, and the book gives you a way of thinking…which is learning from other people’s experiences, not only your own.  You need to value your own self because you came to life alone and you can carry on by yourself.  Whether you laugh or get hurt there is always a lesson…something that leads you to were you belong. Both of the sisters would like to learn from people and teach them what they’ve learned. They thought the hardest part of writing a book is when life had them busy and they couldn’t finish it. They also think that the book needs more proof reading and more pictures. I think the main idea of the book is overcoming your challenges no matter how difficult they are. Remember, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Stay positive!

-Amna Bin Shafi

Eid Competition

While celebrating Eid we had this card competition, where we had to decorate a card, and the best 3 cards will be chosen as winning cards. We all participated and the winners got certificates! it was pretty great because we had fun decorating cards and we had fun looking at all the other cards made by our friends.

-Amna Bin Shafi

Islamic Values

Appreciation Certificates for outstanding performance in adopting Islamic values and behaviour.  Congrats : Nouf Ibrahim Gr.9, Noura Al-Mazmi Gr.9, Sheikha Al-Suwaidi Gr.10B, Afra Al-Reyami Gr.10B, Maryam Al-Mazrooei Gr.10A, Reem Hassan Gr.10B and Fatma Al-Jasmi Gr.10B.  Keep it up!
-Amna Bin Shafi

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

The Girls at DWC High School wrapped up the month with the 2 Km Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Zabeel Park on Friday 2nd of Nov. 2012 at 8:30 am. Did you know that men get breast cancer too? For every 100 women diagnosed, one man will also be diagnosed with breast cancer. What a way to end Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Go Pink !

-Amna Bin Shafi

Healthy Halloween

Our first Halloween on the Dubai Women’s College High School was the “Healthy Halloween” where we learned about other cultures, got a chance to trick or treat the children from the nursery, wore costumes, and watched a movie. Since we are all about health and care, we decided to make it healthy! So the candy, food, and drinks were all nutritious. We had so much fun!  

-Amna Bin Shafi

Healthy gift

Some people might think that gifts are all about candy or chocolate but we think that gifts can be healthy! In the past couple days we (dwc high school students) gave Dr. Howard Reed a fruit basket as a gift! I am certain that he found that kind of gifts interesting!

Eid celebration

During the Eid celebration we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted.  In addition to that we played music and ate different types of food. We also donated some watches clothes and other things to the poor so that they could join us with happiness during Eid ! It was an amazing day.

discovering practical hajj

by Amna bin Shafi

A private school in Dubai in conjunction with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs invited our school, the Dubai Woman’s College High School, to try doing practical hajj. We had fun socializing with students and doing the practical hajj. I think it’s amazing that we got a chance to learn more about hajj, Islam, and culture!

As a Muslim it was an amazing journey for me. My friend Hannah is a non-Muslim American student. Here’s what she experienced and what she thought…

“Today our school took a trip to another private school in Dubai where we were invited to get the feel of Hajj.  Everybody was happy and excited! As we entered the school we got a warm welcome from the students.  After we had this huge welcome, we walked towards a setup of the Holy Kaabah. We walked around seven times and then we went over to drink Zam Zam water ( I had two cups) after that we went inside the gym which represented Safa’a and marwa’a. We walked around 7 times.  After that we got to use 7  foil balls each which represents pebbles! And we used them to throw which is a ritual of the jamarat. After all was done the school gave us gifts and food and thanked us for coming. It was my first time celebrating this, and it was so amazing to see how other cultures worship. – Hannah”