Parent-Teacher Meeting at DWC High School


Parental involvement increases student success

DWCHS parents were invited to a meeting with the school principal, Ms. Maya Al-Hawary, and the school staff (teaching & non-teaching) to explain and discuss the expected school and academic cultures.

Ms. Karin, PTO chairperson, addressed the parents with the student council plans as well as the Parent-Teacher Organization expectations and objectives. Ms. Jacque, the Academic Advisor, explained briefly the school academic goals, gave parents advice on how to follow-up with their daughters at home and stated the plans that are being put in place for the TOEFL, SAT and IELTS preparation and examination.

jacMs. Maya talked about several topics including the student-parent handbook, disciplinary and behavioral policies adopted by the school and the day-to-day schooling system. The meeting was wrapped up with a Q & A session.



In this video segment, Ms. Karin Hesler talks about the role of the PTO at DWCHS.

For information about enrollment for the next semester, submit the form below:

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