Ms. Jacque/ DWC High School’s new academic advisor

Because DWCHS’ unique blended learning model is a new approach to education in the region, the school provides an academic advisor to guide students through the process of learning both online and in the classroom. Ms. Jacque Roach helps the girls to plan their particular curriculum, monitors & confers with them about their grades, and counsels them on their path to a university.  Moreover, she provides them with insight into time management skills and personal accountability that will benefit them in both higher education and in their adult careers.

A personal observation: in my weeks here at DWCHS, I’ve had many opportunities to observe Ms. Jacque’s interaction with the students. She has the perfect mix of empathy for the challenges that teenagers face, tempered with a firm expectation of personal responsibility from the girls. I’ve seen many of them seek advice from her. Ms. Jacque is part of DWC High School’s culture of graduating independent young women with the skills and character to succeed in life.

-Richard Lakin

For more information about Dubai Women’s College High School and their programs to encourage independent learning, commitment to their community, and a life-long sense of personal responsibility, submit the form below.

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