Empower yourself. Empower your community.

DWC High School’s blended learning curriculum allows our students to become independent learners who take ownership of their education, but DWCHS’ values also encourage our students to take ownership of their own character. Our International Private School environment fosters maturity and commitment to the community, and graduates students who are prepared for a university education and leadership roles in society. The right mix of  nurture and challenge promotes an atmosphere where our girls can excel on their own path.

In this segment, DWCHS Deputy Director and Principal Ms. Maya Tariq Al-Hawary talks about how the small classes and close personal interaction between students and staff brings out the best in DWCHS graduates, and cites an example of Hessa Jaber Al-Mansoori, one of our high-acheiving students.

Now is a good time to take a look at Dubai Women’s College High School and apply for enrollment in the Fall semester. Please fill in the spaces below and submit to inquire about enrollment.

3 Comments on “Empower yourself. Empower your community.”

  1. cclaver says:

    Hessa is an amazing student and an amazing person. DWCHS is fortunate to have her. She will be a leader of the future.

  2. Debra says:

    What a wonderful video! Hessa is such a lovely, intelligent, young lady. DWCHS is a great school with so much to offer.

  3. Marwa says:

    I have taught Hessa, she is a great personality & a very keen student who just needed the right environment to shine. There’s a lot of talents & potentials that DWCHS atmosphere creates the best chance to discover.

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