UAE National Day

The Dubai Women’s College High School celebrated the United Arab Emirates’s 41th National Day by participating in a poetry recital on stage. For me it was terrifying, yet fun! I think it was great to finally get a chance to participate in such an important event! We also had fun listening to Dr. Reed’s inspiring speech, as well as watching a performance by the some college students.

 -Amna Bin Shafi 

One Comment on “UAE National Day”

  1. cclaver says:

    To watch and listen to these young ladies perform flawlessly on a stage in front of hundreds of college students and the entire college faculty was amazing. I speak no Arabic but I could feel the passion and commitment of the words these young ladies spoke. I had chills listening to them. I am so proud to be a part of a school making such a positive difference. These girls will be leaders in the UAE some day.


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