Eid Competition

While celebrating Eid we had this card competition, where we had to decorate a card, and the best 3 cards will be chosen as winning cards. We all participated and the winners got certificates! it was pretty great because we had fun decorating cards and we had fun looking at all the other cards made by our friends.

-Amna Bin Shafi

2 Comments on “Eid Competition”

  1. I have been looking at these posting from your high school and what has impressed me the most is how much the young ladies at DWC High School – in facial expressions, attitudes and comments – are similar to young women of that age in any high school, anywhere.

    Giggly, self-effacing, a little unsure of themselves, and best of all, an incredible display of eagerness-to-do-well innocence.

    Keep up the good work ladies. Every time I check in here you all make me feel like a grandfather.

  2. Appreciation is the perfect gift for any occasion and at DWC High School this is quite evident!

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