Hannah: A DWC High School student profile

Hannah Lee Doran-Hesler had previously studied entirely online, but her mother, Karin, wanted Hannah to get accustomed to the face-to-face instruction and socializing that college will soon bring. At DWCHS, she’s able to take advantage of the blended learning style, as well as to pursue her interest in sports.

4 Comments on “Hannah: A DWC High School student profile”

  1. eve and Bill Taylor says:

    Two lovely ladies!!! All our best…Eve and Bill

  2. Briana LeClaire says:

    Dear Karin,

    I sent you a friend request on Facebook. We’re an Idaho Virtual Academy family (10 years now) and know Cody Claver from his days as IDVA Head of School. We have a sophomore-aged daughter and I’d love to learn more about what it’s like to do K12 in Dubai. So, if you see my FB friend request, that’s why I sent it.

    Best wishes,

    Briana LeClaire

    • Karin Doran- Hesler says:

      Hi Briana,
      I accepted it and would love to talk to you about DWCHS..The staff is great and the girls are a great group of ladies!

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