Share your thoughts. Join our community!

-We welcome your insight on education issues. Join the global conversation.

We invite education professionals in the Middle East and around the world to share their thoughts about education technology, blended learning and other teaching topics on this DWC High School blog. Become part of the dialog on our forum and share your learned opinions. We’ll consider guest blogger submissions relating to a variety of education topics.  A technical note: if you’d like to contribute commentary to this platform on a regular basis, we recommend that you have a WordPress user account:

-edtech digest is a news site that chronicles trends in education technology. This recent editorial looks at how DWCHS integrates online coursework and classroom learning. Click on the icon to read the blog post.

5 Comments on “Share your thoughts. Join our community!”

  1. Love it! What an article! It showcases the exact reality of what’s going on here!

  2. We are receiving iPads soon this month. What an exciting project! We are currently brainstorming ideas to find useful tools and applications to enrich the curriculum even further. One idea came up, that by using the iMovie application we can actually create a video year book. What a great way to showcase the many talents we have here with our girls at the school. More ideas like this are surely useful! Don’t hesitate to give us some 🙂

    • This blog will be ideal for your iMovie uploads. It’s got an excellent video player, plus you can add text captions. Also, the share functions for other platforms are very convenient.

      We should have a Skype call sometime soon.

  3. We definitely should. 🙂

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