A blended learning environment

Salma Hussein Qutub had previously studied K12 online courses at home in the U.S. After a recent move to Dubai, she enrolled at the DWC High School. In this interview, Salma and her mother, Naglaa Rizk, discuss the advantages of a learning environment that is a combination of both online and classroom instruction.

2 Comments on “A blended learning environment”

  1. jane donn says:

    Blended Learning is interpreted in many ways….In Connecticut my agency is in the forefront of defining and practicing what we see as true blended learning “Blended learning uses a highly engaging student-centered environment, integrating teacher-facilitated online coursework rich in experiential components to deepen content knowledge, self directed learning competencies, and the acquisition of 21st century and inquiry learning skills using a 1:1 learner-to-device strategy. Blended instruction supports the paradigm shift from teacher-directed to student-centered learning. ” Students attend regular classes with a teacher The curricula is all on line, no textbooks, allowing curricula to be updated and enhanced easily, and also 24/7 student access to other students and the teacher. We have been successful in teaching this new pedagogy to teachers here and the curricula in Science, Math, and Technology and others is being used in over 30 schools here.

    I think Selma’s description of using online fits “blended” when she talks about going ahead or reinforcing her learning using online resources but blended for us is when the teachers and students are engaged in 21st Century teaching.

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